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9-Month Subscription

Choose your favorite coffee (or let us choose 😉) and we'll ship fresh roasted beans right to your door, once a month, for nine months!

We'll ship your coffees on the 2nd Wednesday of each month via USPS. Feel free to up the quantity if you'd like more than one bag per month. Thanks so much for adding us to your daily routine!

12oz / 340g. Whole bean coffee. Shipping included.


Origins: A rotating selection of coffees from differing origins.We'll send a new coffee each month as we cycle through the varied harvest seasons.

Hashtag ###: An ever-changing mix of coffees selected and roasted to please your palate day after day. We use Hashtag as our espresso in the shop though it makes for a nice cup of drip coffee as well. Currently comprised of coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica & Ethiopia.

Hot Mess: A deeply-roasted blend; built from our current selection of coffees for a rich flavor. Toasty with a touch of dark cocoa.

Tasty Decaf: Gasp! A tasty decaf! Sourced from Colombia, this coffee is decaffeinated naturally using a derivative from sugar cane. You'll find cocoa, a subtle sweetness, and a heavy mouthfeel. 

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