Whole Bean Coffee


Whole Bean Coffee

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Whole Bean Coffee

Choose any number of 12-ounce bags of whole bean coffee. Available varieties are listed below. Roasted fresh and shipped fast.


Costa Rica, San Antonio: A nice, well-rounded coffee. Roasted to add a touch of toffee to accompany its natural nutty flavor.

Kenya, Karie: An incredibly flavorful coffee; roasted to strike a balance between the coffee’s fruit (pear) flavors and brown-sugar sweetness.

Ethiopia, Wolichu Wachu: We enjoy this coffee for its sweet & citric character. Notes of strawberry & bergamot abound!

Hashtag ###: An ever-changing mix of coffees selected and roasted to please your palate day after day. Currently comprised of 2 differing coffees from Costa Rica & a coffee from Ethiopia.

Hot Mess: A deeply-roasted blend; built from our current selection of coffees for a rich flavor. Toasty with a touch of dark cocoa.

Tasty Decaf: Gasp! A tasty decaf! Sourced from Colombia, this coffee is decaffeinated naturally using a derivative from sugar cane. You'll find cocoa, a subtle sweetness, and a heavy mouthfeel. 

Bean Varieties:
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